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Conditions for Good Sex

Satisfying sex is not a given in all relationships, and there are certain factors that can predict a more positive and sustainable sex life.

If enough of the conditions for enjoyable sex are met and prioritised, it is much easier to manage desire discrepancies, to add novelty into your sex life, and to remain open and receptive to sexual experiences over a long-term relationship.

These factors can be grouped into 3 main categories: Healthy Body & Mind; Healthy Relationship; and Sexy Sex. Realistic Expectations are also needed. Continue reading Conditions for Good Sex

What is Low Sexual Desire? Part 2.

Part 1 of this blog series described three common kinds of “low sexual desire” concerns.

Whilst different kinds of sexual desire concerns need to be approached in different ways, there are several ideas that can be helpful in all scenarios. And this is what I will cover here in Part 2.

The four key ideas covered here are: Understanding spontaneous and receptive sexual desire, knowing the value of sex in your life,  using communication to negotiate a satisfying sex life, and exploring the conditions for good sex. Continue reading What is Low Sexual Desire? Part 2.

Sex By Numbers (aka Sex By Ovulation)

As I was wondering around the fertility clinic I work at today, I noticed a copy of Sex at 6pm, by Annarosa Berman. I’ve heard of this book many times but have never read it.

As I was flipping through the pages I found an excerpt that stood out to me, about a couple rushing home to have sex by 6pm in their desperate efforts to conceive.

I get home at 5:55pm, tell the taxi driver to keep the change and run up the stairs. In the bedroom, Charles, in his silk dressing gown, is reclining on the bed. He has arranged white lilies in a vase and poured red wine in crystal glasses. Continue reading Sex By Numbers (aka Sex By Ovulation)