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My Sex-Positive Compass

Sex therapy has been around a long time in many different shapes and forms, and each therapist has their own style and focus that works for them and their clients. As I was having some reflection time this week, I began to think about what concepts and ideas I find most helpful as a compass in my work.

Whilst I belief many different theories and strategies are helpful, these five main ideas are what guide my practice: Continue reading My Sex-Positive Compass

How on Earth Did you get Involved in Sex Therapy?

On all my fingers & all my toes, I couldn’t count the amount of times someone has said

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how on earth did you get involved in sex therapy?”

And this is what I tell them:

I was always a very curious kid. I was the kind of kid who waited until my mum and my two sisters were all locked in the car before asking “Mum…what is a penis for?” or something of that nature.

I was the kind of kid who knew where all the books in the house with nudie pictures resided, and showed them to all my friends (one was an art book in my mum’s house with lovely fleshy ladies, and the others where sexology books in my dad’s therapy office). Continue reading How on Earth Did you get Involved in Sex Therapy?