Trans, gender diverse, non-binary health

Finding support options

Rainbow Door is a new phone service designed to connect LGBTIQA+ people to mental health support options.

Public Specialist Gender Clinics

The Monash Health Gender Clinic is the Victorian and Tasmanian public adult (17+) gender service. They can be contacted for information about their assessment and support service, their waitlist, surgery funding options, and other linked services (endocrinology/hormone clinic, voice clinic, laser hair removal clinic, surgeons). GP referral is needed in order to be placed on the waitlist.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service is the Victorian public gender service for people under 18 years of age. They can be contacted for information about their service, how to be referred, waitlist timing, and linked services.

Other Health Services

Lists of services and clinicians can be found at these sites:

Monash Health Gender Clinic


Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service

The Victorian Pride Centre

Resources and Support Groups

TransGender Victoria (TGV) is Victoria’s leading body for trans and gender diverse advocacy.

The Monash Health Gender Clinic has compiled a large list of resources, professional services and peer support groups. There is also a section for parents/family members.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service lists resources and peer support groups for young people and their parents/family members.

The Victorian Pride Centre provides a resources directory.

WPATH Assessment Information

(for gender affirming hormones and surgeries)

The WPATH Standards of Care version 7 document is a commonly used springboard for assessments/letters regarding mental health/capacity to consent prior to accessing gender affirming hormones and/or surgeries. This is quite an old (2012), and in some places controversial, document and a new version is being developed.

Training for Professionals

TransGender Victoria (TGV) provides a range of training packages.

AusPATH lists online education opportunities as well as annual events.

Queerspace offer training on a range of topics relevant to working with the LGBTIQ+ / queer communities and their families.

***These lists are not exhaustive.