What am I up to right now?

(updated on 21st January 2019)

I am currently unable to take private therapy or assessment referrals. I am, however, happy to provide referral options – please email me at

You can also contact the following organisations –

The Australian Psychological Society

The Society of Australian Sexologists

The Monash Health Gender Clinic

The Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service

The Royal Women’s Hospital

The Monash Health Sexual Medicine and Therapy Clinic

Counselling and assessment
In January 2017 I started working at an adult gender service. Here I work part-time within a multidisciplinary team offering assessment and support for trans, gender diverse and non-binary adults (17+). I also work part-time in a private hospital day program.
Due to my full-time workload, I am currently quite irregular with my sexuality blog. You can read the blog here.
My Facebook page is still going strong. This is a community page I developed back in 2012 to share resources and ideas about sexuality, relationships, intimacy, pelvic/sexual pain, fertility and assisted reproduction, LGBTIQA wellbeing, and anything else that piques my interest.
Given this busy workload, I am currently unable to take private referrals. Please see the top of this page for further information about referral options.