Inclusive Sex Education for Kiddies

After my last post about Fear of Sex Education, I had some great replies on Facebook suggesting a diversity friendly kids book called What makes a Baby.

Unlike traditional books about baby-makin’ (which focus on a mumma and a dadda and… that’s about it), this books looks at all kinds of ways to make babies like using donor gametes (sperm, eggs, embryos) and surrogacy arrangements.

“What makes it new is that its a book about where babies come from that actually works for every kind of family and every kind of kid.”

I think these kinds of books are great to have in your arsenal as a parent if you want to encourage the value of inclusiveness and¬†openness to diversity in your children. Perhaps a particular child was conceived through heterosexual intercourse with no help needed, but that doesn’t mean that knowledge about family- and conception-diversity wouldn’t help to make them a well rounded little student of the world.

Plus, as assisted reproduction is on the rise,  kids these days are bound to come into contact with other kids conceived in different ways to them Рso lets celebrate it all!

Warm regards,

Dr. Alice Hucker

Clinical Psychologist & Sex Therapist

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