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Andrology Angst: What are my Options Doc?

For most men, the idea of providing a sperm sample during their IVF workup or treatment is a bit awkward and uncomfortable. And fair enough – this is far from the ideal situation of making-love to make a baby from the comfort of your own bed.

All of a sudden, the whole scientific community is in your bed, and you have to masturbate into a cup.

But for some men, the idea may be particularly anxiety provoking and distressing.

Why does collection day cause anxiety?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • You may be worried about “performance anxiety” in a strange and clinical environment, and not being able to arouse yourself to ejaculation;
  • You may have been fine when you did the initial semen tests, but now feel the pressure of providing sperm on the actual big-day of treatment;
  • You may have had issues in the past not being able to ejaculate in sexual or medical situations;
  • You may not actually be familiar with masturbating on your own – you may be used to having a partner with you for all sexual stimulation; or
  • You may have religious reasons for not masturbting.

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