What am I up to right now?

(updated on Thursday 27th October 2016)

Since August 2015 I have held a research position in the Psychosocial Health and Wellbeing Research Unit (emPoWeR Unit) at the Gynaecology Research Centre, Royal Women’s Hospital (University of Melbourne). Here I support the research of Dr. Michelle Peate, focusing on the psychological, emotional and social aspects of reproductive and sexual health. This research has a particular focus on fertility preservation and sexual health after cancer treatment.
I have recently taken up a position at Melbourne IVF as a Fertility Counsellor. In this role I provide education and counselling for single women, heterosexual couples and same-sex couples accessing fertility preservation and assisted reproduction. I also have the opportunity to offer limited counselling services for individuals and couples experiencing sexual difficulties, relationship stress, and pelvic pain as they go through IVF treatment.
I also look forward to providing further industry/community education in this field regarding the intersection of infertility and sexual difficulties.
Due to my full-time workload at the Royal Women’s Hospital and Melbourne IVF, I am currently quite irregular with my blog posts – although I plan to still post every now and again as inspiration takes hold.
My Facebook page is still going strong. This is a community page I developed back in 2012 to share resources and ideas about sexuality, relationships, intimacy, pelvic/sexual pain, fertility and assisted reproduction, LGBTIQA wellbeing, and anything else that piques my interest. The page aims to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, kink, asexual and alternate-lifestyle friendly.
Given this busy workload, I am currently unable to take private sex therapy referrals. I am, however, happy to provide referral options – please email me at
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